about jamie brooke

Hi there, I'm Jamie Brooke! Here's a little about me and my life:

my life is filled with organized chaos. I am extremely curious, constantly marveling the beauty of life. I'm a twenty-something with dreams of changing the world. I am currently a student studying event planning! I have also studied musical theater and opera. I have a strong need to constantly be on the go. I am really nerdy and goofy most of the time!

my favorite things include: peonies, ukuleles, parisian macaroons, chai tea lattes, watching great movies with friends, being around family constantly, dream catchers, french toast, great music, and traveling. I love furry animals (and not furry ones too ^.^), I just want to hug them all! I love all things vintage (especially 1920's era).

my home is filled with books and movies. Reading and cinema are passions very near and dear to my heart. I watch tv way too much. My house constantly smells of pumpkins or vanilla. I also love the smell of freshly cut wood, it reminds me of woodworking in the workshop with my dad.

my faith guides my everyday life, and my love for my Savior grows everyday. I try my best to be a shining light for His name. I am definitely not perfect, but I try my best to bring God glory!

if you ever need to talk to somebody, don't ever hesitate to talk to me! i'll be there for you, no matter your situation, whether i have only spoken with you once or if i have known you my whole life.

this is a blog to share about inspirations, life, and what ever brings a smile to my face!

email me at jamiebrookeblogs@yahoo.com

i hope y'all enjoy!
jamie brooke

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