Sunday, July 22, 2012

I need your help!

I really want to start doing more custom items in my shop and would love your help :)
I need some examples for my custom section on my Etsy.
My main goal is to start creating monsters based on kid's monster sketches!
I would love it if any of you would send me a picture of a monster your kid has drawn (or asking your kid to draw a monster for me!) and I'll make a monster based on it!
If you do, I'll give you half price on the finished monster, so your child can own the monster he/she created!
I would love yours and your child's help!

Message me if you would like to help :)

jamie brooke


Danielle Leal said...

Those monsters are adorable!
I will get Evangelina to draw some a monster and send it to you. You are one talented lady!

Sara said...

Super cute! I don't have any kids yet, but this is such a fun idea. So creative :)

Benlovesting said...

You have such a cute layout!

Melissa Enault said...

That is such a cool idea!! If I had a kid I would so have them draw you one haha. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today! You are awesome!

Melissa @ The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife

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