Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Autumn!!!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I am so excited it's finally here!
All of my friends make fun of me because I am so obsessed with all things Fall, I keep it around the house all year! My room ALWAYS smells like pumpkin, I just can't get enough!

Anyway, I am hosting a Blog Party with Margot over at Newfoundlander at Heart! Also, make sure to enter in her giveaway! I'm going to be giving away two free months of large ad space right here on my little ole blog! I would love to work with one of you lovely people :)

And this blog party is all about the best season of the year, Autumn!!!
So I'm going to share with you a list of why I am so obsessed with this amazing time of year!


  • First off, fall is beautiful! The colors are breathtaking!
  • The leaves, I love the sound of crisp leaves crunching under my feet!
  • The clothes, cardigans, hats, and more cardigans!

  • The food and drinks, pumpkin everything!!!
  • The weather, it's finally not 90+ outside anymore, it's a nice 60-70 degree weather with a little nip in the air!
  • Pumpkins!!! If you can't tell, I love pumpkin food, pumpkin drinks and just pumpkins in general!

  • The holidays, Halloween is so fun and Thanksgiving is such a great time to spend with the loved ones!
  • Those are just a few of my many reasons! I could make this list go on forever!
How can you not fall in love with Fall? It's stunningly beautiful, and just everything about it is perfect!

Now you know my reasons for loving Autumn, what are yours? Go make a post and link up here!
Also, make sure to follow all of the lovely hosts! :)

Now go out and get a yummy pumpkin spice latte! ;)


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