Saturday, September 1, 2012

Speak Now!

The Speak Now website is now open! All of you need to take a look at it!

Here is what it's all about:
"This website serves to touch the hearts of young women internationally. Sunday through Friday, women from all over the globe post to specified topics that address some of the most common and uncommon issues of today. Posts will include helpful hints, tips, recipes, ideas, and coping mechanisms for women of all ages.
Each week topics of discussion will fall into six different segments.  These segments will go hand in hand with one another on a weekly basis. Be sure to keep updated with our monthly themes and giveaway prizes. Speak Now is so much more than just a website.  Speak Now signifies a coming together for all women who have ever fallen apart as an individual. We practice the art of respect to one another, understanding to those different than our own, and most importantly the simplicity in loving oneself in all seasons of our lives.
We are many things. The common thread that links us together is the ever-beautiful fact that we are women.  With the power to create, educate, advocate, and elevate on behalf of one another- we will move mountains.
However untold your story may be- let it begin with our belief in you."

I hope you all take a moment to take a look and even like the facebook page!

jamie brooke


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