Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY- Reverse Canvas Pocket

The other day I saw this tutorial online, and I really wanted to try it myself with my own twist to it!
Basically it is creating a cute wall pocket with an old canvas you don't want to use anymore. (I had a couple lying around, because I am horrible at painting!)
Anyway, here is my step by step instructions to make your own! :)

1. Find an old canvas, some cloth you like the colors and patterns of, 2 paint colors to match the cloth, a paintbrush, scissors, a stapler, and tacks!

2. Using your accent/ lighter color, paint the inside of the canvas. (You don't need to paint all the way to the bottom since it will be covered by the pocket!)

3. After the accent paint is dry, cover it with paper so you can paint the frame without harming it!

4. Now paint the outer frame, totally cover all visible parts with this color.

5. After the outer frame has dried, remove the paper. Now you have the base for the pocket!

6. Now lay the cloth on top of the canvas and cut away any you don't need to fit it to the frame. Make sure the cloth is doubled over so you won't need to do any sewing!

7. Open up the cloth and staple the bottom half to the frame. You can staple it as many times as you like, just make sure to pull the cloth tight.

8. Fold back over the fabric so it is now covering your stapled area.

9. Flip over your canvas and you can tack, nail, or staple the excess cloth to the back. I used tacks because they held up the best on this side.

10. Continue tacking this side until it is fully secure! (Almost done! ^.^)

11. Turn back over your pocket and add whatever accessories you would like! (I added hooks to hang keys, jewelry, etc.)

12. You're done! Add something to hang it or just leave it as is and prop it up on a counter!

Here's my finished product: (I use it for my purse stuff after I get home!)

If you do this project, let me see it please!

jamie brooke


Evelyn said...

This is just too handy!! Just hopping over from the May Day Blog Hop. I would love to invite you to link up any of your posts to my first time ever blog hop:) Hope to see you there.

jamie brooke said...

Thanks! I'll check it out :)

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