Monday, May 14, 2012


I've been so busy lately, sorry I haven't had time to update! Here is what has been up with me!

Reading: I just recently finished the book Safe Haven by Nicholas SparksThis book had me from the first moment I started reading it! It is a great romance with a lot of suspense! I would definitely recommend it to any one. Nicholas Sparks is a fantastic writer and this is definitely one of his best.

Watching: I am obsessed with the show Revenge! It is so captivating. The season finale is on Wednesday and I'm not ready for it to be done for the summer! I would not recommend it for younger audiences, but if you get a chance you should check it out :)

Listening To: I saw the movie The Lucky One the other day, and I loved the soundtrack! I have always been a huge Joshua Radin and A Fine Frenzy fan, so it was nice to hear their lovely voices. I had never heard of Early Winters before seeing the film, and I have to say they are fantastic. 
Here is one of their songs:
Count Me In by Early Winters

(BTW. You should all go see The Lucky One, it was so sweet.)

Doing: Recently, I have been working out a lot and I found a great workout video! It's on Netflix instant streaming, so any of you Netflix users can try it out :)
It's called Crunch: Super Slim Down, it takes yoga and Pilates and combines the two to get a great workout :)

Anyway, I hope y'all have a fantastic week!
jamie brooke


Roopa Iyer said...

I LOVE Revenge, but they keep stopping the episodes for three to four weeks at a time. Still a fantastic show!

jamie brooke said...

I agree, I hate when shows do that! Most of the time I end up rewatching the episodes so I can remember what happened!

Lish said...

I love these currently posts...Your redesign looks fabulous too Brooke!I see I guess I already sent you a button too, haha..I've been such a slacker lately! Have a great week!

jamie brooke said...

Awww...Thanks! :)
I hope you have a great week as well!

Tegan {enlove with life} said...

I'm a total Nicholas Sparks fan too! I've read Safe Haven, JUST finished reading The Lucky One, and picked up The Guardian from Costco last night. We should swap book lists :)

jamie brooke said...

For sure! I love Nicholas Sparks, I just got The Lucky One, I hope to start it soon :)
Another one of his I've read and really enjoyed is A Bend in the Road. If you ever get a chance, you should check it out!

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