Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Color Me... Lilac!

Lilac Earrings from Lagoa Designs
Sparrow Checkbook Cover from Faith On Earth
Anchor Bracelet from Paper Pistol Charms
Lilac Lace Scarf from Fatwoman

P.S. I'm being featured over at Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl! Go check it out and say hi to Kimberley! :)

jamie brooke


Danielle Leal said...

I love that scarf and the anchor bracelet! I am a huge fan of lavender! :D

Shane said...

Gorgeous color! Lovin your dreamcatcher design :)

xo Shane

kaylee said...

Love love love this color! Almost painted my room a similar shade! xo

Anonymous said...

Lilac is definitely one of my favorite colors. You can pair it up with many others, and still looks so lovely :)

xo, samantha

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