Monday, July 9, 2012

New Blog Schedule!

So I'm going to be doing things a little differently on here and a lot more organized!

  • On Mondays, I'll be having Guest Posts, or something random if I don't have one for the week!
  • On Tuesdays, I'll be doing Life Lately posts or Color Me... Posts! The life lately posts are exactly what the say they are, I'll be talking about what is going on and what I've been learning from life lately. The Color Me... posts will be posts with a certain color theme (for example: Color Me... Turquiose)
  • On Wednesdays, I'll be doing either Reviews or a Weight Loss post. The review post will be either about a film or a book I've enjoyed lately! And the weight loss posts will be similar to this one: Healthy Time
  • On Thursdays, I'll be posting a Quotable Thursday. I'll be posting a quote or multiple quotes that I like.
  • On Fridays, I'll have Songbird Fridays. I'll be posting playlists I like and possibly posting me singing ^.^
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, I'll post whatever I feel like :)

Hopefully, I will be able to stick to this schedule, I would really like to have a post a day!

BTW. I would love to have some people guest post for me! The posts can be about anything you feel like posting! Please email me if you are interested:

jamie brooke


Danielle Leal said...

This looks like a great schedule! I look forward to seeing/reading every day.
I hope you are having a great Monday!

Alyx said...

This definitely looks like a great schedule! Sometimes it makes life easier to be on a schedule!

jamie brooke said...

Thanks Danielle and Alyx! I love the positive feedback :)
I hope you both are having a great week as well!

Beth Ridings said...

So funny thing, I was going to ask if you wanted to guest blog for me! Want to do a switcharoo?!?!

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