Friday, August 17, 2012

My 5 Dating Rules

I wanted to share some dating tips I've learned through some good and some awkward dating experiences. Some I learned pretty easily, while others I learned the hard way!

Here are my top 5 dating rules for you lovely ladies:

  1. Don't be too available. Make sure he is the one to make the first move. Let him text or call you first! Men like to chase women, so let them chase you! Isn't it nicer to know that a man had to win the chance to be with you instead of the other way around? Also, don't be over eager to go out with him, make sure you are happy about it, but don't scare him away with excitement. 
  2. Make sure you are both in the same place in life. Whatever is important to you, needs to also be important to him in his own way. If you follow a religion devoutly, dating a man who doesn't follow the same one will make things difficult. Just like if he is ready to be looking for a wife and you do not want to get married, it will also make things hard! I believe I need to be dating a man who is equally "yoked" with me, so that we can learn from each other and grow in our relationship with God together. I know not all of you are Christians, but make sure you have the same morals as your man!
  3. Confidence is key! You are a beautiful, independent, and amazing woman to be around. He should know that by the way you carry yourself. NEVER show your insecurities, never ask him if you look fat, or tell him how so-and-so is so much prettier than you. If you start doubting your self-worth, he will wonder why he was interested in you in the first place! Also, accept compliments. If he says you look pretty, say "thank you", don't say something that would make him rethink his first statement. 
  4. Expect to be treated like a princess. If he doesn't treat you as though it's an honor to be dating you, he isn't worth it. Also, don't let him treat you like a "bro". You are a lady and you should be regarded as such. The more times he refers to you as "dude" or "bro" the more likely he will consider more of a friend than a romantic interest. It's okay to do guy things with your man, just don't let him treat you like one of his gamer buddies. If he starts calling you a "dude" just bring it to his attention in a cute and flirty way that you are a lady!
  5. Most importantly, have fun!! Nothing is worse on a date than not having fun and hoping the date ends quicker! Make sure you are always having a blast, flirt, laugh and joke around with your date! Guys like women who smile and can make any situation a fun one!  
Make sure you are yourself and to have fun with your man!
There are always exceptions to these rules, but this is the way most men think.

Have you learned anything through your dating experiences?

jamie brooke


Christi Lynn said...

new follower here! talk about a cute blog! I love your little dream catcher over on the right. so cute!

Nicole Louise said...

I just came across your blog...I am in love with the design!

Helena said...

I'd say most importantly is not to be stuck to rules and let love happen. Some guys are shy and aren't going to put up much of a chase... but they're still worth it.

jamie brooke said...

I never said don't go for the shy guys, just don't throw yourself at them! I typically am drawn to the shyer guys myself, and most of them do "chase", just not as blatantly as more outgoing guys.
I think it's also important to let love happen naturally. These aren't rules for falling in love but just tips for women who don't have much experience dating or don't know what's going wrong in their search for love! I've seen so many girls throw themselves at guys and either scare them away or get their heart broken.
Like I said in most post their are always exceptions to these rules. I think it's most important to find someone who shares your values, treats you well and someone you can have fun with! Everyone has different ideas of what they are looking for. I just hope all of you ladies find someone who makes you happy and someone you can rely on!

jamie brooke said...

Thank you love! ^.^

jamie brooke said...

Thank you sweetie!

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