Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hopeful Romantic

One thing that you should know about me is that I am a hopeless romantic!

Those movies that are super lovey dovey just make me melt.
My whole life I have been waiting for that love story to happen to me, for the boy to come in and sweep me off my feet. I have been continually waiting for handwritten love letters and the sweet little forehead kisses. Wondering when the time would come for some man to fight for my love and whisk me off to a beautiful place.
I feel as though this time of waiting and hoping is the time God has set aside for me to grow into the future wife that God created me to be. God has set aside the man that I will one day marry so that he can grow in his relationship with God as well. Sometimes it is difficult to wait on God's timing. Especially with the way our society runs, everything is instant gratification. Do you want the instant gratification love or the kind of love that movies are written about, those epic, swoon worthy romances? I personally opt for the latter. I want the type that God has written specifically for me, and if that means I have to wait a little longer, I am okay with that!
God knows me inside and out and He has created a man that is a perfect match for me! And he is somewhere out there just waiting till he gets to meet me! 
In the past I have had a lot of difficulty with handing over the control of my love life to God. I don't really know why I had so much doubt in God's choice of my future husband. Maybe because I thought He would try to pair me up with someone that didn't have the same interests as me, or someone I wasn't attracted to. Those doubts were absolutely ridiculous! God knows me better than anyone could possibly even try to, so why would God pick someone out for me that isn't right for me? God is the ultimate romantic, He has plans for all of us to fill and overwhelm us with love.
I have slowly come around to being less of a hopeless romantic to a hopeful romantic! I have hope that the man God has chosen for me is out there thinking about his future wife. I have hope that God will place the right man in my life at the right time. Even if it isn't the timing I want, it's God's and obviously that timing will be perfect!
I recently started the book When God Writes Your Love Story, and it gives me so much hope! I would recommend it to any of you out there waiting for God's perfect timing.

jamie brooke


Beth Ridings said...

girl! I remember this feeling. I remember having to WAIT on the Lord, be strong, & WAIT on the Lord! (psalm 27). LOVE this time! enjoy every bit of it! God is molding & changing you! I didn't start dating my best friend until we were both 22 & we met when we were 17! God's timing is crazy perfect. But I want you to learn the art of waiting because if you don't, you will ALWAYS want what is next. engagement, marriage, kids, kids to move out, new job, retirement..... and then your life is over! also relationships reveal ALL of your imperfections so enjoy the time when you don't have to apologize every day! hahah.

jamie brooke said...

Thank you so much!
Great stuff to be praying about!
This really does help a lot :)

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