Thursday, April 19, 2012

Send Something Good

So I am participating in a project called Send Something Good!

Basically it's a secret gift exchange between bloggers across the globe. Everyone who signed up has received a blogger to purchase/make stuff for and then someone else has their name! Gentri, Kaitlyn, and Kristy invented this lovely idea. I am very excited to be joining in on this :)
Anyway, since everything is a secret, we are all posting a list of things we like so that our secret gift giver can get an idea of things to possibly buy/make!

Here are some of my favorite things:
1. Elephants, owls, foxes, cats, and all baby animals :)
2. My favorite colors are turquoise and gray.
3. Vintage anything
4. I love traveling and getting stuff from other countries.
5. I love reading a lot.
6. I'm a major nerd.
7. My style is a mix of bohemian and rustic.
8. I love art and photography.
9. I love learning new hobbies.
10. I love astronomy, I just find the stars and galaxy so enticing.
11. I love snail mail! :)

Honestly, I am not super picky about stuff, I am just super excited to be participating!

I forgot to add, if you want to see more of my style and things I like, just look through my tumblr! It's

jamie brooke


Anonymous said...

I am excited about participating too!!

Roopa Iyer said...

:) You're absolutely right! We do like many of the same things. I am a huge science nerd, and love astronomy as well! I guess that's why I love Dr. Who. Have you ever watched it?

jamie brooke said...

I've only seen a couple episodes, but I plan to watch them this summer! I recently went to a sci-fi convention and there were so many people dressed as Dr. Who, it was awesome! :)

patience said...

what IS it about baby animals that just make life so complete??

Kristy Lynn said...

jamie! haha... could you imagine if someone said they DIDN'T like baby animals?? there'd be something seriously wrong with them. for sure. also, grey is a fantastic color.

glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! talk to you soon!

Gentri said...

hahaha! Love kaitlyn and Kristy's comments. Haha!
I'm so glad Foxes made your list! they're my favorite!

Deidre Edmunds said...

Snail mail is the most exciting thing! It is a rare thing to open the mailbox and receive something that isn't junk mail!

Jes said...

i LOVE elephants and i LOVE snail mail and i LOVE traveling.
i was pretty much nodding along to all the ones you said.
xx jes,

Geri said...

I'm a book-lovin, snai-mail makin, turquoise-wearin nerd, too! So nice to meet like-minded folks - glad to be doing this wonderful project & finding new folks to follow ;-)

lori said...

stopping by from the link up! i love turquoise and gray as well... and traveling is my favorite :)

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